Yo, this is AB Money. Welcome to my official website; my digital home. I'm going to give you a behind-the-scenes look into my past, present, and future. We're also going to be spreading some hope and love through this website. So keep checking in and hit me up on social media. Peace!

AB Money

Who isABMoney?

Brooklyn, born and raised; Lafayette Gardens where the dreams were made. Dance lit the fire; refined with musical desire. Carving a path all my own; becoming hip-hop’s untold backbone. Fundamental is my game; a legacy that’s hall of fame.

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AB Money

Highlight Nation: AB Money (Comeback)

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Full article on Highlight Nation.

Watchlist Wednesday: AB Money, Gumbo (comeback)

Posted on June 15, 2016 by Anton Constantinou

Right now, that comeback artist is AB Money. Recognise the name? How about the group, Rappin’ Is Fundamental, for which he was a member? Still not familiar? Truth is, AB is a platinum artist and producer whose collaborated with everyone from 2pac, to Wu Tang, to… wait for it… Miles Davis. Yes, him and fellow R.I.F members teamed up with Miles on kickass jazz rap joint, The Doo Bop Song- which interpolates the delicious Summer Madness by Kool and the Gang.

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AB Money’s official website launches

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For fans of AB Money, it was always a challenge to find resources and news over the internet about the legendary hip-hop artist and producer. Though content was available, it was spread throughout multiple sources like an eight-year old’s room. With the launch of AB Money’s official website, comes a hub of all things “AB.”

The new website will serve as a portal for the latest news of the Doo-Hop master, along with resources of his past, present, and future. AB Money’s new “digital home” will also help fans find ongoing projects from his social media outlets, including the AB Money Entertainment Show on YouTube, and behind-the-scenes look of work on his first solo album. The website will also introduce people to AB Money’s charity, encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

You can find the new AB Money website at abmoneymusic.com.

The Doo Bop Song | Miles Davis featuring R.I.F.


“The Doo-Bop Song”
Miles Davis ft. Rappin’ Is Fundamental
Produced by Easy Mo Bee
Warner Bros. Records

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