Artist, writer, dancer, producer, and hip-hop pioneer are just some of the words that describe Anthony Mosley’s legendary career in entertainment. Born and raised in the Lafayette Gardens Projects in the Bedstuy community of Brooklyn, NY, Mosley, better known as AB Money, contributes the beginning of his career to his love for street dancing. At the tender age of three, AB realized his passion to entertain and perform in front of anyone willing to watch. His gift for dancing was not overlooked, as he was often found battling other well-known street dancers in the community. Many described AB as one of the “toughest and dopest dancers in New York City,” further citing that “he never lost a battle.” AB’s street performances only prepared him for his monumental career in music.

AB Money Interview | Where did the love for entertainment come from?
AB Money Interview | How did you discover your singing talent?

In addition to his passion for dance, AB admired the doo-wop singing style and complex harmonies of R&B/Soul groups such as the Delfonics and Temptations. Studying the doo-wop sound, AB soon discovered his own gift for singing. In 1990, he, along with two childhood friends Osten “Easy Mo Bee” Harvey, Jr and Darron “JR” Strand, formed the “doo-hop” group Rappin’ Is Fundamental (R.I.F.). Combining the unique sounds of hip-hop and doo-wop singing, R.I.F. released their 1991 classic The Doo-Hop Legacy. The album garnered the group much early success and influenced the careers of many hip-hop artists of the time. In 1992, R.I.F.’s music caught the attention of jazz pioneer Miles Davis. Davis approached the group to collaborate on his newest project Doo Bop. Fusing jazz and hip-hop, the album would become Davis’s last studio release.

In the decades following his run with R.I.F., AB has marched on to become a defining figure in the careers of many successful artists such as Nice & Smooth, Big Daddy Kane, Whodini, Lil’ Shawn, Wu-Tang Clan, Tupac, Busta Rhymes, The Notorious B.I.G, Chubb Rock, Das EFX, Kool G Rap, Positive K, Alicia Keys and Snoop Dogg. Additionally, he has helped shape the careers of new, independent artists who have aspired to enter the music industry.

In the spring of 2015, AB began working on his first solo project. The project will feature production by longtime friend and business partner Easy Mo Bee and younger brother LG The Experience. It’s the first time the siblings have collaborated. The Album “Gumbo” is set to release late Fall of 2016. The album is dedicated to the memory of his partners and to personal triumph over a recent health situation. AB hopes to inspire the new generation to put more soul into the music.